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Things to see in the City of Puebla:

El Parián: Downtown Arts and crafts market 3 blocks from Zócalo. Other markets include El Acocote, El Carmen, and Mercado Zapata
5 de Mayo: A nice place to stroll through downtown and maybe do a little shopping.
Barrio Analco: Weekend market.
Centro de Convenciones: Puebla Bars and restaurants, monestary ruins, and Hotel La Purificadora.
Churches: San Francisco, Capilla del Rosario, Espíritu Santo, and many more.
El Zócalo: Zócalo square is a great place to shop and enjoy the local culture.
La Catedral: A must see towering and majestic structure.
Los Sapos: Weekend market and Puebla bar scene (mostly young people).
Los Fuertes: A fort where the famous Cinco de Mayo battle occurred.